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Munda Tribes- Challenges and Problems and Support by SEED

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The tribes of India, who are considered to be the progenies of primitive inhabitants, constitute a huge section of the total population of the country. As per the 1991 census, the tribal population was 67.76 million, which was not less than the total...

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SEED’s participation at the meet with Yunan Trade Delegation, China

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On 27th March, 2015, SEED participated at the Interactive Session with Yunan Trade Delegation, China, organised by Indian Chamber of Commerce at Kolkata.   Read full post »

Climate Justice Network in West Bengal initiated by SEED

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We all always crave for social, political as well as for economic justice at some point of our lives, if not always. This is quite natural, since these issues are the burning issues in our lives. But, we hardly think that a day will come when we all,...

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