Equality Education Empowerment Environment
imageLife at SEED: We are passionate about our cause of serving with main focus areas Equality, Education, Environment and Empowerment. All our activities are based on these four pillars. Our primary focus now is Climate Change adaption and mitigation in coastal regions of West Bengal specifically Sundarbans.
Age is no bar! You just need to have the zeal to serve the community. You can volunteer with us by-
  • Teaching / Mentoring children at our Non-formal schools
  • Contributing towards environmental conservation
  • Designing posters, documentation through photography or filed data, fund raising etc.
  • Help us on and off during our events, field activities.
The dynamic young students or working professionals of related fields can join us for a one to three months internship programme. Internships do not involve teaching children.

Interns are not provided any remuneration, food or accommodation. We can support for staying in our field areas and provide certificate to recognize your contribution and experience of working with us.

Start by registering with us, we will get in touch with you soon through email.