Equality Education Empowerment Environment

Community and social awareness drive programme

Science awareness programme At this age, when science has become a part and parcel of our everyday life, it is pathetic to see some people still have faith in black magic and various other superstitions. So, SEED thought to aware

Environment and Nature & Habitat development programme

Environmental awareness and wetland conservation Environment plays an important role in the healthy growth and preservation of life. There is a complementary relation between living organisms and the natural environment. However,

Educational program

Non-formal Education and Adult Education Education is the main key of any social change. So, it is our first and foremost duty to establish, conduct formal and non-formal education. So, SEED has endeavoured in various type of nee

Health Education and Health Intervention

Health check-up for Ante-natal and Post-natal mothers and children Considering the plight of rural poor mothers and children, SEED started its health awareness activities in generating awareness in family planning and spacing. Th

Income generation program

Entrepreneurship development programme Income generation for the poor marginalised people was the goal of this programme. SEED aimed to train them in various skills so that gradual development of entrepreneurship can be develop

Social Empowerment

Self-Help Group amongst the rag and waste picking women Amongst the marginalised and unorganised sector of working classes, the rag and waste picking women and their families are the most oppressed in the society. SEED believes t

Cultural and Youth Development Programme

Organising work camp A five day long work camp was organised during the month of January last year involving about 105 youth members of different voluntary organisations and clubs working in Kolkata, Malda and South and North 24