Equality Education Empowerment Environment

Development of socio-economic condition of the Tribal families

Economic activities like Aquaculture in Pens in Sewage fed water bodies including breeding of Desi Magur (Clarius Magur) were conducted. Target population was 50 tribal women under BPL. Activities included- • Aquaculture in

Literacy Promotion Programme in the Slum Areas

With the goal of empowering the rag pickers in KMC Ward No. 58 in the slum areas of Kolkata district, SEED opened non-formal education centres with the help of local clubs and benevolent persons and well-wishers. The school dropped

Training programme for farmers on eco-friendly jute retting process:

The Jute production is one of the major assets of the farmers where the technology is old but during the last two decades or so no major technological breakthrough has taken place although new technologies are continuously emerging

Capacity Building Programmes for the Self Help Groups of women

Since its birth, SEED has been promoting SHGs in the project areas. Different capacity building programmes for the SHGs were organised to make them regular personal savings which later helped them to make eligible to get micro loans

Training Programme for the Poor Women in Poultry keeping, Duckery and Goatery

Poultry, Duckery and Goatery sectors are important elements of the agricultural system. Poor rural women have traditionally been involved in these activities. SEED initiated these programmes as part of its income generation project

Training Programme for the Distressed Women for Crabs and Prawn Culture

The mangrove eco-system of Sundarbans is a favourable breeding habitat and natural nursery of a large variety of fin fishes. With the rapid increase of population in the last few decades in deltaic Sundarbans and constant climate ch

Training programme in horticulture, nursery and culture of ornamental plants

Training programme in horticulture, nursery and culture of ornamental plants for poor and weaker section women was organised by the SEED at Pratanayan (local NGO) campus under Ashurali Gram Panchayat of Falta Bloc, South 24 Parganas

Training/ Workshop on Sustainable Agriculture:

Through our farmer’s club we have organized this year Training/Workshop on sustainable agriculture through awareness building and demonstration on improving traditional agricultural practices through scientific know-how and techni

Training Programme for the Farmers in the Bio Farming and Bio Pest Management

Special training was imparted to the farmers in Bio farming and Bio Pest Management to improve firm practices and systematic programmes were undertaken for water recycling, rain water harvesting, waste management etc. As a follow-up

Reproductive Child Health

SEED started of the mother and child health care programme in 9 villages of Sonarpur Block, South 24 Parganas District. It is and extensive health care service together with preventive and basic curative services to pregnant mothers

Awareness Programme on Environment & Ecology

Awareness programme was made on environment and ecology among the target groups to motivate them for creation of a favourable scenario to protect environment and ecology aiming at restoration of earth. Some resource persons and envi