Equality Education Empowerment Environment

Literacy Promotion Programme in Slum Areas, Khanaberia village, Dhapa

Khanaberia is a village of Dhapa, located in the Eastern fringes of Kolkata. Dhapa is mostly popular for being the only dumping ground of the city’s garbage. The communities from Khanaberia are part of the huge group of ragpickers

Training on Skill Development (Handicraft items and batik printing) and micro entrepreneurship

The main objective of the skill development programme is to provide systematic skills training for educationally disadvantaged people, mainly to the CBO members who have keen interest in making handicraft as alternate livelihood opt

Fighting Climate Change through Organic Betel vine cultivation

Cultivation of beetle leaves and selling them is one of the major livelihood options of the people in Sagar Island. Apart from cultivating rice, the major population here grows beetle leaves in their agricultural land. However, they