Equality Education Empowerment Environment

Participatory Environment Management Programme for the Tribal village

Participatory Environmental management through participatory resource mapping was donein the tribal village Kumar Pukuria of East Kolkata. It started with proper management of water, one of the primary resources. As a remedial

Installation of Rooftop Rainwater harvesting system

SEED motivated the people of Kumar Pukuria village to install rooftop rainwater harvesting system. The rainwater from the roof of the house was collected in brick tank to use directly for washing, bathing, cattle feeding and other u

Youth Development Centre for unemployed youths

The youth development centre was started at Naktala in South Kolkata with an aim to develop computer skill among the unemployed youths for openingavenues of their employment opportunities. The trained youths could also start their o

Socio-economic Development for the Tribal Women

This programme motivated 100 poor tribal women of Kumar Pukuria Village of Sonarpur Block to start Air Breathing & fin Fish culture in Bamboo PENs as a sustainable source of livelihood. The village is located by the side of the Bidy

Vigilance Awareness Week

Vigilance awareness week was observed by the organisation with participation of the community members at SEED’s operational area to make a favourable environment about vigilance awareness and the task of the community members that

Training Programme for the Poor Women in Poultry keeping, Duckery and Goatery

There lies a great scope of promotion of farming of livestock and allied animal husbandry that can help the marginal and landless farmers and other low-income-group people in fetching a considerable income in stepping up the quality

Awareness Programme on Environment & Ecology:

A one day workshop on Environment & Ecology and its impact was organized by the SEED, at Naktala Pallymangal Samity club campus on October 24th 2009. A number of lectures on different aspects of Environment & Ecology were there. Con

Free coaching centre for under privileged slum Children

A primary level free coaching centre for under privileged slum children is running by the SEED at Naktala, with the support from Nehru Yuba Kendra South kolkata district through N.Y.S programme. 30 No. children are getting on reg

Different Capacity Building programmes for the Self Help Groups of Women:

From the very inception, organization embarked on promoting SHGs in the project areas. Different Capacity building programme for the SHGs was organised by the SEED which has helped the members of SHGs to undertake personal saving re

Training programme for farmers on eco-friendly jute rating process

The Jute production is one of the major assets of the farmers where the technology is old but during the last two decades or so no major technological breakthrough has taken place although new technologies are continuously emerging

Training programme on Air Breathing fish culture in bamboo cage for the women

SEED organised an innovative intervention for development of a sustainable source of livelihood for the distressed and disadvantaged women through air breathing fish culture in bamboo cage. Under Sonarpur- Rajpur municipality in War

Adult Education Programme in East Kolkata Slum Area

SEED established an ‘adult education centre’ for rag pickers women and women of fishermen community at Khanabaria village of East Kolkata Wetland area, to meet the development of compensatory adult education that has helped to i

Social Awareness Camp for Slum Women

A social awareness camp was organised on 5th to 12th November 2007 at Chowbaga Seven Star Club campus, with the support from ‘Nehru Yuba Kendra’, South Kolkata district. With the objective of village level resource mapping on

Training programme on disaster preparedness

Four training programmes aimed at educating and sensitising a wide constituency on flood issue were conducted for local clubs, NGOs and CBOs trainees based at Pirgang, Ratua-II Block of Malda district and at Kalindi GP of Purba Medi

Football coaching camp at Naktala

  To find out and encourage the latent talent of underprivileged young footballers, SEED established a football coaching centre since 2005-2006. It prepares young footballers with a basic accelerated coaching programme appro

Literacy Promotion Programme in the Slum Areas

With the goal of empowering the rag pickers in KMC Ward No. 58 in the slum areas of Kolkata district, SEED opened non-formal education centres with the help of local clubs and benevolent persons and well-wishers. The school dropped

Training Programme for the Coastal Women for Crabs and Fish Culture

Sundarban at the apex of Bay of Bengal is located on the Southern part of the state of West Bengal, covering major portions of the South and North 24 Parganas district. The mangrove ecosystem of Sundarban is a favourable breeding ha

Training Programme for the poor Women in Horticulture, Nursery and Culture of Fruit Plants

Training Programme for the poor Women in Horticulture, Nursery and Culture of Fruit Plants for poor and weaker section women was organized by the SEED at Pratanayan,(local NGO) campus under Ashurali Gram Panchhyat of Falta Block, So

Training Programme for the Farmers in Vermi Compost and Improved Firm Practice

Climate change affects the livelihood of the coastal region people. At Sagar Island, SEED aims to provide people alternative livelihood options to save the coastal area from the climate change affects. With an aim to improve the qua

Community Based Healthcare Programme

Stimulating community participation in health and family planning through various development activities, communities in 9 villages of East Kolkata Wetland area activated to plan and implement need – related development activities

Training Programme for the farmers in the Bio Farming and Bio Pest Management:

Special training was imparted to the farmers in Bio farming and Bio Pest Management to improve firm practices and systematic programmes were undertaken for water recycling, rain water harvesting, waste management etc. As a follow-up