Equality Education Empowerment Environment

PRA Exercise

Total No of participants in the PRAs- 1, 530; Male- 170 and Females - 1,360. The identification and selection of CBOs SHGs / CIGs are done through interactions with the communities. Meetings / FGD, and one of the main tool used fo

Interaction with the local people: Gram Sansad level meetings

It’s been done for mobilisation of local people and also for information dissemination. To introduce the project, a set of meetings were conducted with the local government officials and members of all the concerned organisations

Interaction with the local people: Gram Panchayat level meetings

The aim of this interaction is to keep the administrative people in loop about the project activities. One of the regular activities of the project in Sagar Island is to update local political / official people about the progress

Training of CBO Members

The process of strengthening of CBOs is a continuous process and it can run parallel with income enhancement activities. Through this training and group meetings, SHG members became aware about the systems to be followed in book kee

Capacity building workshops / training for CBO heads / leaders

Orientation on theoretical perspectives starts before the actual / practical activities are started. It helped the beneficiaries to know more about the coming situation and prepared them for upcoming things. In total for this inter

Exposure visit for the trainer’s team SEED and CBO

To increase knowledge of CBO members and SEED staff, a visit to Hyderabad and Ahmedabad was organised. It was very helpful to extend their knowledge in their respective fields. This kind of exposure visits and interactions with pe

Entry Point Activities(EPA) preparation

This includes making of the schemes, submission and monitoring of CBOs in implementation of the schemes. Events/activities completed: 4 Tube-well-2, Brick-road- 1 and Re-excavation of ponds- 7 The EPAs are used as icebreakers

Income Enhancement Plan preparation

This includes making of the schemes, submission and monitoring of CBOs in implementation of the schemes. The EPAs are used as process of starting communications and building relationship with the communities / beneficiaries. CBOs a

Comprehensive Development of the Lodha People

The pre-agricultural Lodha people living in the Sagar Island are considered as ST, and they have many difficulties. These tribal people are suffering from discrimination from the people living in the surrounding villages where the m

Activities for mainstreaming and skill building of the Lodha adults

Training on making spices has been given to the Lodha people. The spices made by the Lodhas are being marketed. A cycle van has been given to the community and it’s being used as a passenger carrier. The Lodha families use the cy


Regular Health Check-up (Health Check-up) Community health check-up camps have been organised at Radhakrishnapur village for the Lodhas and other poor people especially for the women and children. The aim of this camp was to bring