SEED installs 1100 Solar Lights in Sundarban

SEED has distributed 1100 Solar Street lights and Solar Home Sight Systems supported by Signify Innovations India Ltd. to the climate affected coastal communities of Sundarban's Pathar Pratima, Namkhana and Sagardwip Block.

The lives of the coastal communities here are quite difficult because of its location and lack of basic amenities. There’s no direct public conveyance from the mainland. They need to first travel to the jetty ghat and then from there another boat can bring them to the islands in waterways.

The remotely located islands were using kerosene as fuel after sunsetfor cooking and other activities despite significant health and environmental concerns. People’s health and productivity are seriously hampered by their dependence on traditional fuels and technologies, with women and children most at risk.

Introduction of solar lights improved the education of children after sunset, health and security of women and improve overall lifestyle of the vulnerable islanders.



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