Awareness on Preventive Healthcare, Hygiene and Sanitation

March 20, 2021

In the Indian Sundarbans, about one third children(aged between 0-6 years) are stunted and 38.6 percent children are underweight. A good share of households does not have proper sanitation system and safe drinking water facility. Many of them still do not seek advice from doctors even in severe illness and they believe in traditional medication. As a result, the mortality rate increases and various diseases go untreated. However, it is mostly because of unawareness so we conducted several awareness programmes in Sagar and Jharkhali blocks of Sagar on preventive healthcare, hygiene and sanitation. Mothers were taught how they can cook healthy meals at home with easily available food items. Children were also educated on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene maintenance so that they grow up with healthy habits. We were supported by professional doctors during various free health check-up camps for the poor communities of these areas.


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