Awareness Programme on Women Reproductive Health Issues

March 20, 2021

Slumshave often been conceptualized as social clusters that engender a distinct setof health problems.There are very limitedefforts to study the health of individuals especially women living in slums. Inequitiesin health are not only the unequal distribution of health but also the unfairdistribution of health due to unfair or inadequate social arrangements. Theyare not aware about their basic health issues like menstruation, internal skindiseases and other Gynecological issues. This usually leads to undue fear,anxiety, and undesirable practices. The topic is still considered a taboo andnot discussed frankly even between mother and daughter. Hence, we conductedawareness programmes among the women to make them aware about menstrualhygiene. Mothers are main source of knowledge for their adolescent daughters.So, we conducted several sessions with the mothers and young daughters.


Majorityof the participants shared that they had restrictions on them during themenstruation and most of these are religious restrictions rather than physicalor social restrictions. We tried to make them understand that it is like anyother physical condition and important for their reproductive health. So, theymust keep themselves hygienic during this time.


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