SEED organises workshop on Sustainable Agriculture at Rudranagar GP, Sagar Island

March 20, 2021

SEED organised a two-day workshop on sustainable agriculture at Rudranagar Gram Panchayat area of Sagar Island in Sundarban, West Bengal. The event was conducted at the Community Hall of the organisation in the Mayagoalini village.

Eminent agricultural scientists from Central Integrated Pest Management Centre (CIPMC), Government of India extended their support in this workshop. Sujoy Kumar Biswas, Assistant Plant Protection Officer, CIPMC, Agriculture scientist Amitava Dalal, SA, CIPMC, K. Naskar, CIPMC, P. K. Ray, CIPMC, D. Roy,CIPMC and K. K. Sen, Agrosol were present during the workshop to disburse their special knowledge.

Some of the core issues discussed on this workshop is listed below-

The programme was attended by 55 farmers of Rudranagar GP. They taught scientific cultivation of beetle leaf and other rabi crops. Beetle cultivation is one of the primary livelihood options for the people of Sagar Island. So, the participants were very happy to get advices from the experts on beetle cultivation. They usually cultivate in traditional way but now they can expect better yield of the crop with expert knowledge. The agricultural scientists also shared their knowledge on improving the yield of Rabi crop through scientific methods.


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